City2Surf 2015

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2 years ago I sat in my house and watched the athletes run the City2Surf. I ate my breakfast and thought to myself there is no way I could complete that. The very idea of running was just something I was not interested in. To quote the rules of cycling one does not run unless being chased by a bear and then you only far enough not to get eaten.

Well last year I decided to do a triathlon and part of that whole process involved running and swimming, Turned out I was not really any good at either of those disciplines. I perceived and ran through out last winter when it was to dark or cold to ride. Or I just got sick of the trainer. Once summer was back riding took precedence and I did not come back to running until this winter, for the same reasons as last winter. I just plodded along, aiming to get my 5k time under 25 minutes.
Ok let's do this. #city2surf #rol #yourrunsydney
Ok let’s do this. #city2surf #rol #yourrunsydney
Cold much #city2surf #role #yourrunsydney
Cold much #city2surf #role #yourrunsydney
2 weeks out from the City2Surf, my brother in law was complaining that he was going to do the event but had nobody to run with. My darling wonderful felt that this was a good opportunity to support my family and run with him. Whilst it is something I have always wanted to do I never believed I could complete it. I pushed my runs out longer over the next 2 weeks and did pay somewhat pay for it but I did get Connor out to pace me and that was a lot of fun.
So the day of the race cam and we started on the line of Yellow group. The walkers and joggers group. My initial goal was simply to complete the race, it didn’t matter how and I was very conscious of the fact I had not actually completed this distance (14K) before.
I will give it to the organiser we moved off pretty close to time and before I knew there was people everywhere and I was running! I heard “Ollie!” being yelled and was tole to keep to the sides to avoid the walkers in the middle. We ran up towards the tunnel, Wallys everywhere and under the classic “Coke” sign on Oxford st.
Up to this point people had been shedding their jumpers at the start and must have well and truly warmed up because the cross city tunnel was full of them. People started to slow down due the incline and Chris and I run on the footpath to try and evade them. This mean jumping over jumpers through most of the length of the tunnel. As we emerged I turned and Chris was bout 40 meters behind me having been caught up in some traffic. This was the last time I saw him.


#city2surf #yourrunsydney #rol
#city2surf #yourrunsydney #rol
As I descended the hill I was greeting by the biggest group of drag queens I have ever seen. Big heels and even bigger hair. I will give it to that bunch of girls they had gone out of their way to look amazing and the cheers were welcomed!
The road raced up and down with various bands and radio stations pumping out music. I arrived at a flat section to be greeted the biggest smurf I have ever seen, at a guess I would say he was six foot smurf inches. According to another runner they had been there for the past 24 hours. Kudos to them I thought as I passed them and the 5K mark.
The crowds were starting to become annoying and I found another runner to run behind to help get a clear path through the throng. The crowd all but stopped as we passed the sprint line markers. I continued to run up the hill, going back and forth to the footpath as required before I overheard somebody say that this was the infamous heartbreak hill. I thought it came further on in the race and was the one thing I thought would break me, I was now halfway up and still running.

The crest cam as people stalled everywhere looking for water. I pushed ahead and we made a sharp right hander. The view out to the ocean was clear and pretty amazing. I had well and truly caught up with the walkers form the previous group and worked hard to get around them without stopping. About the 12k mark I passed Nova’s fitzy and thought, hey I should get a pic with him. I got out me phone before I realised that he was actually quite slow and may prove to restrict me final time. Down hill now and the flat of the last kilometer was there. For this I dug deep and gave it all, turned out to be a false flat if you ask me but I rounded the final corner and pushed home as hard as I could. I was supposed how much this actually hurt given that I had feeling pretty good. I pushed forward the last bit, jumped over some vomit stuck my hands in the air and slowed down. My knees buckled and the guy next to me copped me leaning on him all of a sudden.
I did it.
Screenshot 2015-08-14 21.51.21
I ran the 2015 City2Surf with out stopping in a time of 1:11:35
BREAKING NEWS: You finished the 2015 Sun-Herald City2Surf presented by Westpac in a time of 01:11:35. Share your race day moments @runoutloudau #ROL #city2surf #yourrunsydney
BREAKING NEWS: You finished the 2015 Sun-Herald City2Surf presented by Westpac in a time of 01:11:35. Share your race day moments @runoutloudau #ROL #city2surf #yourrunsydney



split point split time s/rank race time r/rank activity distance pace speed
Start to Heartbreak Hill 00:30:49 9821 00:30:49 9821 RUN 6.20 04:58 12.07
Heartbreak Hill 00:08:35 6079 00:39:24 8775 RUN 1.60 05:22 11.18
Heartbreak Hill to Bondi 00:32:11 9228 01:11:35 8939 RUN 6.20 05:11 11.56